Elwin Electronics in Providence, Rhode Island - DONT DO IT!

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If you or someone you know are ever in need of service on any electronic device that you may own, or appliance, and the store where you purchased from tells you that Elwin is the only repair shop closest to you, TRY YOUR HARDEST to persuade them to point you in a different direction. This company by far has the worst communication skills of ANY customer service, inadequate service techs(in home), and a parts dept.

who never can seem to get any parts needed for any repairs. I remember the last time checking on my television I spoke to woman named Jen. I'm sorry, but what a ditz! I explained my situation and AFTER listening to what I said, she then explains that she answered the phone by an accident!

Who says that! She couldnt give me an update even though im sure she had a computer right in front of her.

I then remained on hold for an annoying 7mins before someone even picked up! My television is still not fixed and im very adamant to never involve myself or anyone I know with this company ever again.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Elwin Electronics in Jersey City, New Jersey - Nice

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The guy that came to my house to fix my tv was very nice. He was extra helpful and explained everything so that I could understAnd because let's be honest I know nothing about tvs.

This place needs to give their techs a lot of credit because they def. Know what they are doing and talking about. (more than the *** people I talked to on the phone who seem clueless) the price was reasonable I did not have a problem paying it.

If I had extra cash I would have given it to that nice man. He definitely deserved it.

Monetary Loss: $145.

Elwin Electronics in Worcester, Massachusetts - Took 1/2 day off work and they never showed

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Tweeter subcontracted with Elwin for in-home repair for our 50 inch tV that is still under warantee. Elwin left a message on our answering machine that said they would send a service tech between "2 and 6" tomorrow and that we should call before 8:30 if this was not convenient.

I decided to take a 1/2 day off work to meet them at the house. By 4:45 they never showed. I called and they said they were not coming. That our service call was cancelled because we did not call.

We called Elwin to try to resolve the problem and they were rude and not accomodating.



never never i say never buy anything from elwin tv they are the biggist rip offs on this planet my story is to long so take it for what is worth you buy from them and you will see for yourself

Elwin Electronics in Providence, Rhode Island - If I collected $70 for every drop-off.. I'd be rich! They Are!!! We Paid For It!!

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My husband buys me a camcorder/camera last year for my birthday. One day it just won't turn on.

I take it to Elwin for repair. Pay the $70 to leave it and then after 2 weeks they call and say the repairs will be $412.00!! That is more than what we paid for it. So I tell them not to fix it.

My first suggestion is do not buy Panasonic... they are no help. Secondly, do not go to Elwin. It is a scam.

They take your $70, make you wait and then tell you that it will be much more than you paid for to fix it. It's a win/win for them. They have your $70, in most cases the consumer doesn't even go to pick it up and here is the kicker... there is a sign at the store that says "Not Responsible For Items Left After 30 Days"....

Gotta love it. Guess what they do with your merchandise... they fix it for less than nothing and resell it. I found this information out from an ex-employee who left there because he realized that he could open up his own place and scam people on his own!

His words. Not mine. Good luck to you and a piece of advice...

just *** the bullet and buy a new one and get the extended warranty!



Elwin Electronics in Bronx, New York - Lost Speakers

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What a *** of an operation this place runs. My Panasonic home theater system had to be fixed by them twice and each time it took a month.

I had to repeatedly call them to ask for the status. When my boyfriend picked up the system after it was there for a month, I opened the box and 3 out of the 6 speakers were missing. I called Elwin and they searched high and low, to no avail. So, now I have a repaired, or at least I think it is, home theater system that I'm not able to use without the speakers and a power cord.

They are in touch with Panasonic to order the speakers. It's been over a week and I have no resolve. Once again, Elwin does not call me with the status. I continue to call them every other day to keep the pressure on them to expedite this screw up that they caused.

I will NEVER recommend this repair facility to anyone nor will I EVER recommend a Panasonic product.

Elwin Electronics in Chepachet, Rhode Island - No tv for weeks no finish date in site

Chepachet, Rhode Island
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we have a 47 inch toshiba tv that is about 2 years old and still under warrenty. it starting shutting off all the time.

we called GE where we have our warrenty from. they set us up with elwin electronics. we had an in home call. then it went in the shop a week later.

they had it 2 weeks and said they fixed a loose wire and rebuilt the circut board. it started again in a week. they sent a tech then took it to the shop it has been there 3 weeks and will be there at least another week.they said after 2 weeks that the set was not turning off. we told them that they were not leaving it on long enough, they had to let it run over night.

so they finally did and the next day the set went off and it turned green first just like we said.

they decided it needed a green picture tube. they ordered it on 2/27 and did not recieve it yet. i called yesterday and they said the part was being shipped today. they will have it by monday.

that will be 2 weeks to get the part. then they have to do the repair then set up a delivery date.

they do not make special trips they will bring it when they are in the area.

Monetary Loss: $1000.



Hey "Electronic Speacialist" you retard, you're yelling at the poor woman about her spelling, yet you can't even spell SPECIALIST.

Let me guess, you're attending a Voc-Tech and you work at Elwin, right?

From what I've read online concerning Elwin, it's taken a spiraling dive into the *** over the years, and you've REALLY pissed off a LOT of people.

Comments online are just the tip of the iceberg I'd bet...

You people really need to stop screwing over your customers, before you end up losing ALL your business.

Smarten up.

Hardwick, Vermont, United States #14529

First thing is you need to work on your spellling. If you were as good at that as you are *** it may have been easier to read your complaint.

Im sure you think the world revolves around you and I bet every time the tech was in your house the tv was magically running fine. And when they pulled it in to test you were pissed that it took so long but you admit it takes at least a whole day of watching the set for it to act up??!!

Wow. Get your head out of your*** and cut the service people some slack.

Jasonville, Indiana, United States #14349

I think I remember this job.

Elwin Electronics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Warranty repair take weeks

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This company take weeks (4+) to repair warranty item. Washer down over a month.

Family of 5 could not use the 5 month old washer all through out the Holidays and beyond. We had guests and all kinds of sports events and on washer. They had to come out and look at it then order parts, the come back out. They only service the area 2 days a week and will not change the dates.

They could not even give a time for repair, service person calls 45 min. before. The product is great but the warranty/repair service in very poor.


Elwin Electronics in Worcester, Massachusetts - Elwin doesn't care

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We bought a 42" plasma from Best Buy four years ago along with a service plan. The TV recently started to show a series of wavy lines for about 5 minutes but once it warmed up the picture was perfect. But I thought I should get it checked out since the extended warranty was about to run out. I called Best Buy on November 15 who scheduled Elwin to come out and check out my TV. They came out just before Thanksgiving and claimed the problem was in my cable box (I had already switched out a new box and new cables) but would order a new part which would be available in a few days. They later decided they would need to take the TV to their shop for diagnostic testing. Wait a minute, this is suppose to be an in home warranty, but I let them take the TV on December 6.

Here it is now January 4 and still no sign of my TV. I've called Best Buy, who by the way is very sorry, a number of times and they've taken my information and recorded my complaints but still nothing. I've also spoken to Elwin more times than I care to count and the story is always different. The wrong part came in, the part needs to be repaired because they don't manufacture it anymore, we had to re-order a different part. On and on and on and every time I ask when will I get the TV back they say it could be a couple of weeks.

Now I've requested a warranty replacement from Best Buy since it has been beyond 45 days since I put in the service request. They have the nerve to say "I'll put in the request and someone should be contacting you in 3 to 5 business days, but if you don't hear from us in a week, then call us back". Are you kidding me??

My conclusion is that no one cares. Elwin doesn't care and Best Buy dosn't care. All I know is I've spent $3000 on a TV plus a few hundred bucks on an in home service plan and right now I've got nothing. As a matter of fact we went out and bought a small 19" LCD, which we will later put up in the home office, so we would have something to watch. But as of today I've missed 25% of the football season, all the college bowl games, the rose parade and dozens of other shows on the big screen. I'm a little pissed.


Hardwick, Vermont, United States #14530

Try reading a book, go for a jog, maybe doing something productive with your time. Its sad how your whole life revolves around tv.

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